Baan Ya Jai

Baan Ya Jai is a new project by the chef Atitaya Paitoon. After working for a few years with a top ranked Thai restaurant, she decided to go on her own and put her own touch to the most popular Thai cuisine dishes.

We cook only Thai cuisine, and we try to do it very well. The number of options in our menu are limited in order to maintain consistency and quality. Some dishes can be prepared in vegerarian style. Our mission is to provide best Thai food experience, and the reviews from our customers so far indicate that we are on the right track.

Cooking and ingredients information

At Baan Ya Jai we care about your health and well-being. For every dish we serve we ensure it is cooked and prepared as below:

  • Well cleaned fruits and vegetables
  • Fresh ingredients sourced daily
  • No MSG

Contact Us

Phone Numbers

+66 99 479 0707 - NOTE! We don't take any bookings anymore.

Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday 1PM - 10PM


Saturday and Sunday 1PM - 10PM